Why Do You Use Google So Much?

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By reading this article, one must realize that he or she is currently using Google, and possibly that fellows around the globe are using Google services likewise. So why does everyone use Google so much, one may ask. Well, that is because of how great and successful the company is today in our modern world. Becoming so useful to everyone as a service company, Google remains to be one of the largest, most revolutionary, and most successful corporations in the world.

On September 4th, 1998, a student studying at Stanford University, came up with a new idea with his partner. They wanted to create a brand new search engine. Though they did not like each other initially, they developed a friendship. These two prodigies formed something so useful that we cannot live without it today. The two big dreamers started out in a tiny garage that they rented from a friend, Susan Wojcicki. For months, they engaged in work with passion from when the sun was shining bright till the moon was emitting soft light. Picture a day like this: one is going to a place they have not been to before and does not know the route to get there. They are there and want to know the history of the place, and try to search for some articles. The first thing that comes to 74% of people’s minds in both situations is Google. 60% percent of people own a Gmail account. So what might a day be like if we can no longer use Google? It may be very frustrating, especially for those who count on Google in their everyday…
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