Why Does Pope Francis Use Of Water

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Rocky Mountain National Park is a sanctuary for both wildlife and nature, offering spectacular alpine views and untouched landscapes. One of the only blemishes on this otherwise pristine landscape is the Grand Ditch which traverses the Never Summer Mountain range. Colorado’s complicated water situation is not new, evidenced by this highly visible 14 mile and eighty year old scar on the eastern slope. In Laudato Si, Pope Francis devotes a chapter to the unsustainable habits and practices that have led to shortages and the decline in quality of our water supply. Pope Francis views water as a human right and discusses the ramifications of ignoring abuses of one of humanity’s most precious resources. Water shortages and contaminated water sources are a worldwide issue but by focusing on the situation in Colorado and the words of Pope Francis bring universal solutions to water crises and worldwide water problems. Pope Francis begins the second chapter of his encyclical by stating, “We all know that it is not possible to sustain the present level of consumption in developed countries and wealthier sectors of society, where the habit of wasting and discarding has reached unprecedented …show more content…

However, the problem of low efficiency has no easy answers. Hydroponic production uses 90-90% less water than conventional farming techniques. These hydroponic grow houses can also operate year round, reducing the need to import out of season produce. (Kaiser, Ernst, 3) Unfortunately the startup cost of these systems is much higher than starting a conventional farm and the breakeven point is later after installation. This means that the majority of farmers are unable to implement such systems. If the government switched their focus from subsidizing crops such as corn to subsidizing hydroponic systems, this technology may become more accessible to

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