Why Does The Girl Let Flora Out?

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MITTHI JHA Professor Greg Holditch ENGL 1127 3 July 2015 Why does the girl let Flora out? When a girl –the narrator is faced with an identity conflict that challenges her ideas, she takes another step on the path to being a “grown up”. In the short story “Boys and Girls” written by Alice Munro, we witness a young girl’s story who’s torn apart between conforming to or rebelling against the society’s stereotypical rules for women. We discuss the twist and turns of the narrator’s inner turmoil regarding ‘Freedom’ - Does she let Flora out to enrage her father? I think, The narrator lets Flora out because the act represents her freedom along with Flora’s; not only from society’s expectations but hers as well. The narrator’s courageous self-portrayal in her dreams at the beginning of the story reveals her non-traditional, boyish nature. In lines ( ), the narrator expresses her longing for a real world that offers “opportunities for courage, boldness and self sacrifice” and dreams of being a fearless and a celebrated hero in the world she creates for herself: “I rescued people/ shot two rabid wolves/ there was always riding and shooting” . She longs for such a world because she lives in one that expects her to abide with rules that force a traditional gender stereotype. She dreams of courageously fighting to victory (given the opportunity), all on her own at a point in time where girls her age would be dreaming of helping their

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