Why GMOs Should Be Banned

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Genetically modified foods are produced from organisms that have gone through a process that introduces specific changes to its DNA using genetic engineering. This process allows companies to choose specify traits a crop will display. On the surface this process seems like a technological breakthrough, and it is, however, the topic of genetically modified foods (GMOs) is very complex. There are many aspects of this process we must consider when deciding if GMOs should continue to be sold. Due to many human health, environmental, and economical concerns the sale of all genetically modified foods should be banned. Here is some history of GMO: In 1980 the first GMO patent was issued by the U.S. Patent Office. This in where the battle of GMO started. Many years later in 1994 the first GMO begins sale in grocery stores. In 1999 the amount of GMO crops has skyrocketed with over 100 million acres worldwide planted with GMO seeds. The most important and basic aspect we must keep the forefront of our minds when discussing an issue of human food is: Is it safe for humans to eat? This idea has been widely debated by scientists, governments and private companies around the world. While there are many possible health concerns related to GMOs, there is one issue I be highlighting in this essay. That is allergenicity, according to a study conducted in the mid-1990s that showed genetically modified soy beans caused an allergic reaction in people who weren’t allergic to soy beans otherwise

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