Why Geothermal Energy Is Good For The Environment And The Society

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Why is Geothermal Energy Beneficial? Com 217: Science Writing and Presentation Purdue University November 3, 2014 Why is Geothermal Energy Beneficial? Volcanoes are wondrous formations on the earth. Humans are fascinated by them but are often very cautious about volcanoes. They see them as explosive, lava spewing mountains often causing natural disasters. These are just some of the effects of a volcano but plus side to it is that its energy can be harnessed. Energy that can be used from a volcano is Geothermal Energy. It is a clean, renewable energy which uses the steam produced from vents and hot springs near volcanoes. In this paper I am going to prove why Geothermal Energy is good for the environment and the society. Firstly I am going to discuss what geothermal energy is. Secondly, I will discuss the benefits of geothermal energy to the environment. Thirdly I am going to show how geothermal energy is beneficial to the society around its source. Lastly I will compare geothermal energy to other energy sources and show why geothermal energy is the way to go. What is Geothermal Energy? The earth stores thermal energy within itself, this energy is then projected to the surface of the earth. This is then released through vents that are close to volcanic systems or other tectonically active areas. These could be steam vents, mud pots and hot springs. The temperatures used to reach up to 100 degrees centigrade. This is the most conventional

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