Why I Am A Nurse

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I Am a Nurse Modern nurses sit at the forefront of a profession that has changed dramatically in recent decades and has the opportunity to continue evolving as time moves forward. The work and effort of current and early nurses has paved the pathway of opportunity for new nurses and nursing students. Nurses are given the chance to define who they are within the profession. Nursing is not simply a subordinate role to physicians, but a vocation with a unique set of theories, principals, and a broad scope of practice. Finding one’s calling among those practices is akin to picking a major as a freshman in college. To do so, it is important to analyze and discover various aspects of oneself and how they mold them into a professional nurse. Patterns of Knowing Empirical The empirical part of nursing has evolved with healthcare sciences and is a cornerstone of nursing. A large portion of a nurse’s initial education and continuing education is related to improving his or her knowledge base. Truly, to be an effective nurse, one must have a firm grasp of many sciences including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, and human development to name a few. The options for a nurse to improve his or her scientific knowledge are immense. One such way is becoming certified in a specialty area of nursing. There are many different certifications available to a nurse depending on interest. One can receive his or her CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse), CHFN (Certified Heart

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