Becoming A Professional Nurse For Today 's Complex Society

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What does it take to be nurse in today’s complex society? Many people are aware that it requires scientific, pathological and anatomical knowledge. Although, there is much more to this career path than simply knowing the facts. Today, nurses are being taught how to revolve care around patients and act as professionals. This not only involves treating patients with dignity and respect, but also incorporating the norms and values of the practice into their own personal identity. Professional nurses, as well as students striving for this identity, make relationships with those around them and accept any opportunity to interact with patients. Actively adapting to this newfound identity can be a helpful intervention for students in the …show more content…

A professional nurse has the goal of doing what is best for the patient, which is also known as patient-centered care. This concept begins with getting to know useful information about your client which involves hearing their story and identifying their needs and preferences. This is also the point when we demonstrate to the patient and his family that they are part of the entire nursing process. This system includes assessment, diagnosis, outcomes, interventions and evaluation (Ackley, 2017). An essential procedure for the nurse is to clearly demonstrate the instance of shared decision making because it allows for better clinical outcomes. Nurses who participate in patient and family-centered care serve as an excellent exemplar of the Benedictine values. They will show respect towards their clients by keeping them informed and honoring their personal values. The element of hospitality can be found as nurses accept and welcome people from a wide variety of cultures and beliefs. The value of community exists within the nurse who strives to improve the overall health of her hometown by advocating for vaccinations and public safety. Professionals’ moral beliefs are closely tied to serving patients’ needs. A defining characteristic of patient and family-centered care is known as holistic healing. This is

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