Why I Am I?

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Who am I? This is a question that has been asked and pondered by people for generations. The idea of identity is a complex one. Your identity is made up of so many different things like your personal characteristics, your family, your historical background, where you were raised, and so much more. When trying to figure out who you are you have to look on a scale larger then yourself. You have to look at not only who do you say you are but who does your family say you are, who does society say you are? When people look at you who do they see? What does the media see and what do they report about you? Is your cultural image even shown? Charles Cooley (1922) a social scientist said that we are not the only people in the mirror. He called this the “looking glass self” and it is not a one dimensional reflection but instead a multidimensional reflection where we see our racial identity and it makes us who we are (p.24). That can either be young or old, black, or white, rich or poor, straight or gay, Christian or atheist, healthy or sick… To try and understand who you are and what factors make up you there are many questions to ask yourself. Are you part of a minority or are you the majority? Did you grow up in the country, city, or reservation? Do you speak the national language are another? These questions and many more are some that will help you understand what outside factors have influenced you to be who you are. Your culture says so much about who you are and how you were

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