Why I Chose Hockey

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The University of Southern Maine is known to be the home of students from various different backgrounds. Some students are attending this university based on accessibility, financial aid, or athletics. Personally, I find myself falling into a vast number of categories, specifically financial aid and the ice hockey program. Due to being a Canadian student, and being so far away from home I needed to find a university that would combine all aspects I desired. Therefore, the University of Southern Maine is the only place where I can combine school and hockey at a cost my family can afford.
I first left Canada to come to the United States because I knew that it was the best place to go if I wanted to combine both school and hockey at the same time. Unlike school in the United States, athletics and academics were not combined as a daily curriculum in Canada, therefore if I wanted to continue to play hockey I would need to do so independently outside of the academic setting. My first destination in the United States was Kimball Union Academy, a preparatory school in New Hampshire. At that time, I thought
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Junior hockey is a category of hockey in which you can play until you turn twenty-one years old. The purpose of this category is to help student-athletes to further develop their hockey skills to play at the highest collegiate level possible once they are done with junior hockey. I started my junior career in Ottawa, Ontario playing for the Cumberland Grads for one season. Afterwards, I continued onto my second year of juniors where I played in Exeter, New Hampshire for the Seacoast College Prep team. Once my junior career was over, I had still not received any scholarship offers to play division I college hockey. Nevertheless, I did not want to give up on my dream of combining school and hockey in
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