Why I Don 't Buy A New World

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The scene was filled with cops sprawling around everywhere. I was sitting in my chair slouched over the table resting my head on the cold harsh surface. I am staring at my beaten up red converse with the white laces now turned to black. I don 't buy very many new cloth, if its still in mostly one piece then why buy a new one. The only time i have ever bought new clothes is for this job at Crédit Républicain, we have to wear formal black attire and my regular clothes were too “inelegant and plain” for their taste. the door to the bank opened again and i looked up to see another woman walk in with two other men beside her. She was wearing dark blue jeans, a white shirt, a black blazer, and held a small brown briefcase. She stood for a minute …show more content…

“Ok, so your full name is Alex Nikolai Holter correct.” “Yes.” “You just turned 24 a few days ago correct.” “Yes.” She continues to ask me more questions about my family and my apartment. Once she finished with the basic questions she finally starts on the real issue. “Mr. Holter where were you at 6:30 this morning?” “I was still eating breakfast in my apartment.” “What time did you arrive at work today?” “I arrived at around 7:40 am” “and was anyone in the office at the time?” “No” Then she leaned in and asked the question I have been dreading to answer all morning. “And at what time would you say you opened the vault and saw Mr. Wilson’s , your boss, dead body laying on top of half of the original money?” I looked down for a moment remembering the awful sight. There had been blood dripping down the money and all over his suit, his hands were covered in the red thick substance as it dripped of his fingers on the ground, it felt almost as if you could smell the fear and death in the air. I tried to erase the image from my mind but it kept coming back. As I started to zone back in, I realized that the detective had been trying to get my attention. “Mr. Holter! Mr. Holter!” I shook my head to regain focus then looked up at her and answered the question. “it had been around 7:50, i had just checked in and had to check the vault because i was the

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