Why I Should Not Be Illegal

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I 've faced many challenges because I am undocumented, my parents and I immigrated to the U.S when I was eight months old. When I was nine my parents told me I was illegal, they told me that we had crossed the border illegally and that we would get deported if the government found us. They also explained to me that being illegal meant I wouldn 't have the same opportunities but it wasn’t an excuse not try. If anything it meant I had to work twice as hard because they believe I could achieve anything with hard work. We believed that even if I was undocumented my good grades would make me an exception and every night we prayed I would receive scholarships. Since that day, if classmates or friends asked me where I was born I would say …show more content…

I would go to the orientations and I would write essays to submit for their scholarships. The most I was going to be awarded was three thousand, this was nothing compared to what tuition cost for a private college. Recruiters would come to my high school and set up their booths and whenever they were alone I would go and explain to them that I was undocumented they would tell me yeah I could apply to their scholarships and they would give me their cards. I began to feel hopeful because I felt like I could finally be honest with someone and they were willing to help me. I would call them to ask what additional information they needed for me and when I would explain that I had daca they would say they at the time they didn’t know what daca was, it was new, or that they did more research and found I was ineligible. I still didn’t give up, I signed up on a website with private scholarships. I would spend countless hours looking through them, but was disappointing for me when I read they were only for U.S citizens or legal residents. I knew I could go to community college get a part time job and my parents were supportive and said they would help me financially know how hard they work to give us what we need. I would see how difficult it was on my family when my dad would get laid off for the season because there was no more harvest . I didn’t want it to ask

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