Why I Want For A Social Worker

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Social work is ignites of life interwoven with abilities to build man and restore hope. The activities incorporated in social work open a new horizon and challenge to the clients who are battered by the issues of life. Having intimated myself with the clout of social work, I would like to say from now on, I will consider myself as a team player in this great field. I have always desired being in a position that will enable me make positive impact in the lives of people around me and my community. This desire was nurtured while growing up as a young girl watching my grandmother counsel younger women who were domestically abused by their husbands. This service my grandmother provided free of charge. She narrated her own experience to me and how she was able to curb the excesses of her own husband. Some of the reasons she gave for the violent behavior of these abusive men is their inability to fend for their family and to hide their inadequacies, they would embark on fault-finding with their wives eventually resulting in beating them. I grew up in a context in which the worth of a man is measured by his ability to provide for his wife and children. If for any reason he is unable to fulfill his responsibilities, he either engages in excessive drinking or take it out on his wife.
My grandmother would counsel these young women to look for ways of engaging in income generating activities to support their families, this she believed will help

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