Social Work : A Social Worker

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Some days you ask yourself why you do the job that you do. Some days you ask yourself why you stay in the field that you’re in. Most days you ask yourself “Is it really all worth it?” On occasion, there are the days that you get your answer to all of those questions. From the domestic violence victim that is now divorced and happy, this is why you do it. Because of the foster child who is now adopted and loved by his forever family, that’s why you stay in the field. From the veteran suffering from PTSD and depression who also attempted suicide but now is healthy, happy and alive, yes it is definitely all worth it. These are just a few reasons why you love what you do. These are all the reasons why I choose to become a social worker. Social work is a professional and academic discipline that works to improve the quality of life and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, couples, groups, and communities. Heather Holland is a Social Worker at Uniontown Hospital who has over 12 years’ experience in the field. She explains that a typical day on the job is far from easy. “Days in this career are crazy, busy, and mostly, undetermined” Holland explains of her days on the job. Social work is a very important job. Social workers work with clients who are vulnerable and in need of serious help. It is so extremely important that social workers are properly trained and are always giving their best in their work because client’s lives often depend on it. Social workers are

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