A Personal Statement Of Purpose For Becoming A Mechanical Engineer

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I wanted to become a car racer. Why? I wanted to buy batteries from my father and so I wanted to become a car racer. This was one of my dreams when I was a child. Strange isn’t it. Such a big world and you wouldn’t want to choose a single dream. I consider myself very different from others. I have seen many dreams but never have stuck to a single one. But when it is time to decide your future, I would love to pick out my best one.
One of my best dream was becoming a mechanical engineer. My father is a battery manufacturer in Hyderabad. I always wanted to help him out and decided to become an engineer. This experience was just a small inspiration which pulled my interest towards mechanical engineering. My father once took me to a …show more content…

Scientists who have developed machines that can measure the exact amount of water required by a particular plant have directed people towards change. The people who built the first internal combustion engine not only added, but changed the world of engines. Similarly, by pursuing Mechanical Engineering, I want to bring about a change in the world. United Kingdom is the perfect country for studying mechanical engineering. It can help me achieve what I dream.
Obtaining a degree from your university is what I have dreamt of. Your university has highly skilled and outstanding professors who can show me the path to innovation. They are the ones who can make the subject favorite for me. The friendly and futuristic environment is all I need to make a difference. Studying at your university will not only help me build my career in engineering, but will also make me a shrewd observer, thinker, an all-rounder and will give me with the ability to innovate and change the world. Studying at your prestigious university will be the greatest privilege for

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