Why I Want to Be a Photographer

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Photography is the process of taking photographs and printing them out. Mostly used for personal purposes, photography is a common object in our everyday lives. It is used to make memories, track the course of our lives, and simply capture the beauty of and event or object.
The typical day of a photographer is quit diverse. In a typical day photographer photographs subjects or news worthy events, using still cameras –such as a family, person, animal, wedding, graduation, birthday, place, or other object. They determine desired images and picture composition, such as when a customer wants blemishes removed. Their cameras need to be adjusted on a regular basis. They are constantly creating artificial lights and backgrounds to reach the desired effect of the customer. If using a camera that contains film they must have the film processed. Hours are spent going through hundreds of photos to select the best photo(s). They also use computer software to adjust and enhance the images. (Institute, Typical Day, 2011)
I chose this career for several reasons. The first, is because my aunt is a photographer. She introduced me to photography at a young age and I have been interested ever since. I love taking photographs of anything, but mostly nature such as animals, and natural happenings. I enjoy taking a photograph of something that most people would, at first, consider ugly, and making it beautiful, simply because of angles or lighting. It truly fascinates me that your opinion of

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