Why I Want to Become an Occupational Therapist

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Have you ever wanted to work in the medical field but can't handle the blood? By being an occupational therapist you can accomplish this. This job would be a great job for me because I love to help and meet new people. An occupational therapist is a person whose goal is the help people achieve idependence, meaning and satisfaction in all aspects of their lives. The reason I chose this job is because I get to help people who are physically disabled. I get to be a part of their lives by helping them better themselves by assisting them into doing everyday things. (

The job hours will generally be 8-5. 1 out of 4 work part time. They may work nights, or weekends as needed to work with their patients' schedules. Usually this job will not have a daily routine. There may be a daily routine if you see a patient or a set of patients that come in everyday. Otherwise you would go in order by the people who scheduled an appointment. Unless you are new in this work field or at your office, you will not have any supervision. Your boss might come in every once in a while to check on you and see how your doing, but no supervision other than that. You may ask for someone to come assist you if you are new. You can basically get a job anywhere. There are certain buildings you will work in. There are many places you may work in. Some places may include; offices of occupational therapy, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, physicians' offices, and home and health

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