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I’ve been participating in UCAN since last year and I’ve been able to observe several changes. I’ve been able to experience the improvements the program has had this year in comparison to last year. We decided to make some changes to the program and it has improved in many ways. We have more participants this year and that worked in our favor because the assigned presentations that we had mentioned in the syllabus worked out when it came to distributing it how we had it planned on the syllabus. Having additional mentors this quarter helped the program crucially because we were able to have different opinions on the way we ran the program. Having the rest of the mentor contribute to the presentations helped bring new idea to the table. Adding readings this year gave previous mentors an easier time explaining different situations that may arise when helping the mentee. As the quarter began we all gathered to put the syllabus together. We formatted it in a way that we pictured we wanted the program to run this year. Incorporating different ideas we decided to make this year’s layout different. We decided that this quarter instead of one person doing the meets we would pair the mentors with each other to come up with their own meet referencing to the meet we have presented to them through out the quarter. Changing the process of how meets will be introduced this year will allow every member to participate in giving a presentation to the mentees. This will give the mentees a

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