Summary Statistics On The Reading Of Succeed Initiative

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Summary Statistics on the We Read to Succeed Initiative
After having fixed the issues previously listed, I ran summary statistics to better understand the population of mentees served by the Enhanced School Based Mentoring Program. Generally speaking, the mentees were representative of a diverse group of school age students.
Demographics. In this program analysis, there were a total number of 62 mentees. Of the 62 mentees, as seen in the figure 1, more than half (60%) were of Hispanic descent. Similarly, 18% of mentees were White, while the remaining 28% were either African-American or grouped into a category of other.
In addition, we observed the age group of the mentees, because the community-wide initiative seeks to improve the third-grade reading proficiency of those enrolled in the program. As seen in figure 2, there were a majority (35%) of 6 year olds represented. There were also a substantial (32%) number of 7 year olds. Furthermore, there was a comparative population of males and females. (Figure 3)
When analyzing the indicators of family make-up, the general information provided showed that the mentees could be categorized as at-risk populations. As seen in the figure 4, when looking at the educational attainment of the mother and father, majority of them had a high school diploma or less. More specifically, more than a quarter (85%) of the mother’s had not achieved an education pass receiving a high school diploma. Additionally, almost all (96%) of the fathers

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