Why Inbreeding Isn 't As Bad As You Think

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Alasdair, Wilkins. "Why Inbreeding Isn 't as Bad as You Think." Io9. Io9, 30 Dec. 2011. Web. 05 Feb. 2016.. In the article, “Why Inbreeding Isn’t as Bad as You Think”, Wilkins debunks the myths behind inbreeding and attributes them to cultural taboos. Wilkins alludes that cousins who are the first in their family lineage to inbreed have the exact same changes of having healthy offspring as unrelated couples. He then mentions that marrying a second cousin would greatly increase one 's chance of having healthy offspring. In the article, cousins of inbreeding that are detrimental to the offspring 's health and mentions that this may occur when inbreeding has happened for long periods of time. It is because both parents may be carriers of the recessive gene, although 96% of children produced from such mating are health. Wilkins concludes that if anyone traces back thousands of years, they will find they shared the same ancestors as their partners so everyone in a way, has been exposed to inbreeding. In the informative article, Wilkins writes for the average reader and shows his bias about cultural taboos when he mentions that there can be disorders but yet explains that they are not. Firger, Jessica. "Binge Eating Fish Living Links to Obesity in Humans."Newsweek. Newsweek LLc, 14 Aug. 2015. Web. 04 Feb. 2016. Researchers find that Mexican Cave Fish may be the link to explain obesity in humans. The fish have adapted to an environment in which food is not available and

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