Why Individuals Join Gangs

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Within the novel, See provides the reader with an adequate set of reasons and theories that generally support the ideology of why many individuals join gangs. Some of the main points and arguments portrayed highlight the idea that many of these traditional theories correlate and suggest a lack of opportunity for the younger generation. It is much harder for young people to become successful in society due to major emphasis on laws, poverty, social class and status. It is common characteristics such as these ones that allow for certain individuals to fall behind in society causing then to be identified outside of the norm. As a result of these legitimate means, many individuals turn to gang involvement for a sense of unity, identity, and loyalty. The gang becomes an individuals new family where everything is done collectively and no one is left out, something that may have been missing from an individuals real family. Also, being a part of this gang now allows for individuals to have a sense of self worth; it allows them to believe that they now have a true identity that reaches out and describes who they are. They are no longer lost, but instead have found a mini social institution where trust and loyalty is valued the most.

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