Why Is A Dog Stand By Command?

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Why is my dog not learning to stand by command?
One of the joys of having a dog is that you can teach him cool tricks – “sit”, “lie down”, “jump”, etc. But it’s easier said than done, right?
Sometimes even a simple command like stand turns into a challenge for first-time dog owners. If that’s the case with you, read on to find the answer to your problem.
Let me begin by saying that while “stand” might seem like a useless command, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. “Stand” is useful when you have to trim your dog’s nails, wipe his muddy paws, or when he has to be still while the veterinarian is checking him out.
So, the million dollar question is why the dog is not learning to stand by command. No, the problem is not your dog, but
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You’re pushing
A crucial thing when it comes to training a dog is that you have to let your pet do the action on his own. You don’t push him to sit. You don’t push him to stand. That’s a huge mistake that will only bring frustration to you and your pet.
Let me explain it this way. If you push Georgie to make him stand, and then you give him a treat, you’re not teaching “stand”. You’re teaching him that he will get a reward when you push him to stand.
What you have to do is teach your dog to associate the action “stand” with the reward. See the difference?
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The procedure is the same describe in step one, but your hand is empty this time. If your dog stands, immediately give him a treat and praise him. If he doesn’t, encourage him verbally. Once the dog has perfected this action, you can continue.
4. Step four – introduce the command “stand”
Your dog is ready to learn the word “stand”. Here’s how it goes –say “stand”, use the hand gesture that your dog is already familiar with, and praise the dog when he responds correctly. Eventually, your dog will get the hang out of it and connect the word “stand” with the action “stand” and the treat.
5. Step five – drop the hand signal
After the dog has mastered the previous step, it’s time to drop the hand single and rely only on the verbal command. In most cases, the dog will do it right because now he understands what “stand” means. But if he doesn’t, go back and practice step four until the dog gets it.

As you can see, it’s not so complicated to teach a dog to stand by command. But it requires time, patience, and consistency. Don’t force the matter, be gentle, friendly and follow the steps above and in no time your dog will learn to stand by command.

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