Why Is Casablanca Movie Set

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1. What is the setting for Casablanca? How does the film establish this setting? If you were creating a theatrical production of the play upon which the film is based, how would you establish the setting on stage? The setting for the movie looked as if it was around the 1980’s. The movie has a sort of mellow feeling to it because of how calm all the actors and actresses are performing. If i were to do a theatrical performance on this i would have set all the scenes in a way where it would fit the 1980’s attitude, such as clothing and accent.
2. Describe three different camera shots the director uses in Casablanca. What effect does each of these shots have on the plot, mood, etc. of the film? Three different camera shots that they had in the movie was, high angle, birds eye and eye level. The effects that it gives can be explained i n numerous ways, such as the high angle to show what the existing environment around what they are talking about or filming, then there is the bird's eye view which shows more of the detail of what the cameraman is filming, and then there is the eye level that will pretty much be the basic idea of getting what important while filming a person or object.
3. How does the filmmaker
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If you were to stage the play on which Casablanca is based, how would you use lighting in your production? Describe one scene from the film and the lighting it uses. Would you change the lighting in any way for a stage production of the scene? Why or why not? Well if i were to do a movie on Casablanca i would not have made the movie black and white, but the way that the film had its lighting was pretty good, but in some parts like in the time period “4:04” before the man stole the other man's wallet they were under a shadow which showed that there was light out, but when it came to the detail of the face, it was not so great. I would have changed this by having some type of light reflectors just so the detail of the main character in that shot can be
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