Why Is Child Soldiers Wrong

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Imagine you are woken up one night to find a group kidnappers who are taking you away to serve in the military, and having to watch the killing of your parents right in front of you right after. This is what some young children, who are now soldier, had to experience. states that “UNICEF reports that the LRA has abducted children as young as 5 but mostly between the ages of 8 and 16, often after killing their parents in front of them. The young “recruits” are then forced to march to southern Sudan. Those who can’t carry their loads or keep pace with the others are killed. Those who attempt escape are severely punished.” It is obviously not their fault that this is happening, therefore child soldiers should be given amnesty. Their commanders frequently drug them, there are countries funding certain militaries that allow child soldiers. This allows their commanders to keep drafting children. Finally, they are brainwashed during …show more content…

They are given drugs to reduce the effects of their conscience. The children are sometimes under the age of 1-, and are given cocaine mixed with gunpowder, and crack. Any children who refuse to take the drugs are beaten or killed, according to Amnesty International. Some groups also make the children practice cannibalism and make the children eat the flesh & drink the blood of their victims, because they were told that it would make them stronger.
Another reason why child soldiers should be given a pardon is because other countries including the U.S. are funding the countries that allow child soldiers’ military. According to the article “ Armed & Underage”, Because the U.S. is helping to pay Somali soldiers, it is possible that the money for some child soldiers may have come from American taxpayers.” If the U.S continues to fund these militaries, commanders would be able to get more and more children to fight for their

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