Why Is Editing And Why The Medium Of Film Need Editing?

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Did I Stutter
Keiko, an everyday high school introvert with a kind heart and one overpowering disability, a speech impediment has an early start to his morning, arriving at school to get a warm cup of coffee in silence from the café across the road, approaching the café where not even a whisper of sound could be heard, he notices her, there she sat alone with a pen crushed between her teeth completely captivated by the book she was reading “The art of literature”, Elegant, smart and beautiful and by all definitions the girl of his dreams, challenged and conflicted by risk of failure he wonders whether or not he should try and speak to her, but with the help of his friend Nathan, Keiko quickly overcomes his fear and succeeds in talking to her and realizes that speech same as courage starts with a choice. Why Editing is important and why the medium of film needs editing
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D.W.Griffith used multitudes of different shots and cuts in order to enhance emotional connection, we will be doing the same in our term project by incorporating many different shots to amplify the connection the audience has with the
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