Why Is Everyman A Moral Play

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Everyman is a spiritual and symbolical morality play that’s talks about the human behavior towards God. This story explains how people don’t serve God in a proper manner and how they don’t fear him, God sends his greatest messenger death to walkout down all people who love wealth and sophisticated goods from earth. In my observation I will be analyzing these following aspects; setting (time), setting (place), protagonist, major conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, themes, motifs, symbols, foreshadowing. The play is set in the medieval period but it is also not clear about this information, the writer is mysterious. According to Grade Saver (1999) states that Everyman’s period is debatable and the play is also influenced by the English drama. There are no records of everyman being performed in the medieval period. David Miller, states that the play was intended for private readings not for theatrical performances, because it is a moral play and discuses more of religious matters.…show more content…
As they start the journey Everyman searches for help to be accompanied by his friends and family. But he first asks Fellowship to help him in this course. But as Fellowship catches that the final endpoint is death, he deserts Everyman. But knowing that his got family, he then seeks for his relatives Cousin and Kindred as they will they find common ground as family and have a strong bond, he then tells them about his what’s troubling him, but Cousin and kindred they also abandons Everyman. But as he is disappointed by his family his goes to his factual possession, Goods. But yet Goods only provides little for Everyman as tells him that he can’t be part this and he cannot come along. In his desperation Everyman think through his Goods-deeds even though are small, as Good-Deeds finally agree to help out Everyman in his
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