Why Is Home Important In The Great Gatsby

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The West Egg housed the less fashionable of Long Island, where hard work was the reason for their lap of luxury. The East Egg housed the rich by inheritance. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald West Egg accommodated Jay Gatsby, whose home was an imitation of Hôtel de Ville in Normandy, Gatsby’s mansion included a tower on one side, a thin beard of ivy over the, a marble swimming pool, and over 40 acres of lawn. How is it possible to earn such a large sum of money? The majority of Gatsby’s money was made from selling liquor, which was illegal at the time. Nick Carraway on the other hand, was not living the same lavish lifestyle as Gatsby was. Nick’s own home was an eyesore, for he was not as wealthy, he worked as bond man, living in a cardboard bungalow for $80.00 a month. The East Egg included the Buchanan family, Tom, and Daisy, and temporarily a friend, Jordan Baker. Both Buchanan’s had inherited their millions from family, however their wealth had not kept their marriage strong. Tom had a mistress, Myrtle Wilson, in New York City, and Daisy was in love with …show more content…

Hawthorne, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Initially I thought both books would topple over my reading level, with older dialects, and challenging vocabulary. As I continued to read I began to understand the concept of the book, and my expected reading level was higher after completing both books. My biggest challenge for reading workshop as of now is staying focused reading at my house, almost anything can be a distraction for me when I am about to read, because I have a mind-set of procrastination. However, as I begin to read, I find myself with the concentration of a cat stalking its prey. The bright side of reading workshop for me is reading. It is as simple to find a good book, for me, as it is to blink. I have had a great experience with readers

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