Why Is Homework Important

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It is the beginning of October, and I am doing fairly well in my classes. I had all A’s until recently. I got my exam scores back for biology and chemistry and I didn’t do very well. I now have a D in both chemistry and biology. In high school id never had anything below a C. I never got below a C on homework, quizzes, tests, or at all on my report card. When I found out I got a D on my exam, and then in return that making my grade a D my heart dropped. I honestly felt sick to my stomach. The fear of failure was creeping up on me. So I did what all scared college students do, I called my mom. I told her how sorry I was and how stupid I felt. She then of course reassured me that I wasn’t stupid and that this is new and harder and I just need to study more and learn from my mistakes. So that is exactly what I’m going to do, I’m going to…show more content…
All of my quizzes, homework, and classwork grades were great. I realized my problem was strictly exams that I needed help with. The only way to get better exam grades is to better understand the material and study smarter not harder. I know that in high school I could easily study the night before and still ace my test. However, this was not going to work out for college exams. College exams have a lot more material built into them then just a regular test that happens at the end of each week like in high school. That is exactly where I went wrong, I waited until the night before to study. I thought I understood the material well enough, but I obviously didn’t. Another thing I did wrong is I didn’t give the textbooks enough attention. Again this is another old habit from high school, because in high school I would get my textbook and not touch it again until it was time to return them. I also didn’t give enough devoted time to studying, I would distract myself and only spend a little amount of time. These were my major problems that needed to me addressed and
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