Why Is Immigration Important To America?

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Over the course of time people have been leaving their native land to come to America to better themselves for whatever the reasons may be. Some come to seek freedom and some to find financial stability. Approximately eleven million unauthorized immigrants are living in the United States, and thirty-seven million legal immigrants in the U.S as well. Immigration is one of the most crucial importance to America. There are plenty of reasons for why immigration’s presence is futile, but America would rather focus on bad then good.
Facts Before Assumption.
When most Americans hear “immigration”, they tend to assume it will be negative? In 2006, immigration began to grow in larger amounts. As this occurred politicians would debate on how to handle such large numbers of immigrants.
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“According to the Small Business Administration, Foreign born are thirty percent more likely to start a business in the United States than native born, and eighteen percent of small business is immigrants.” If one day America would decide to kick these immigrants out than where would the native born working for them go. Sometimes all these people have are their jobs, especially when it’s to provide for their family. The small businesses owned by foreign born employed almost five million people in 2007. According to that these businesses make $776 billion annually. Twenty-five percent of companies backed up by Venture Capital Investors were started by immigrants (e.g. Google, eBay, Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, and Intel). Between the years of 1990-2005, one quarter of companies that went public were either founded or help founded by U.S immigrants. Later on between the years of 2006 and 2012 this amount increase to one third, and every company had at least one foreign born founder. Around eleven percent of foreign born owned a business, unlike Americans who were nine percent according to Small Business
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