Why Is It A Social Problem And Not A Personal Problem Essay

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Why Is it a social problem and not a personal problem:

The gender age gap is a social problem since it affects a majority of the society and that it affects not only one’s life but also society in which the gender gap is present depending on the extent of this gap. For example, the average Canadian women owns only 82 cents for every dollar the average men make based on a weekly salary comparison and full and partial time shifts (…). This affects life considerably of the individuals and families since, according to the (…) research, the gender wage gap is approximately 8 000$ annually taking in consideration skills, tenure, qualification and the job.

This considerable gap can be seen differently by both conflict theorists (which defends liberal feminism and other type of feminism) and functionalists.
Conflict theorists would point out the fight of two groups, being here women and men over a resource that is demanded to be distributed equally between both sexes. While some argue over the existence of the gender wage gap, statistics shows that there is a notable difference between the salaries of both sexes stating that women’s salaries having the same qualifications, education, seniority, hour shift and the having the same faculty are only paid 75,6 % of their male colleague (…). But why is it? Seeing this problematic through the eyes of a conflict theorist, one could easily point out the strong workplace discrimination and gender biases. Indeed, the rather new entrance of

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