Pay Gap Thesis

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The gender pay gap is the biggest unspoken problem in America. This issue has been in the world since the dawn of time, but people only started paying attention to it in the last 80 years. In order to close this gap for good, we have to look at where it began. Stereotypes and traditions of stereotypes are the main roots of this problem; before we look at that, we must make sure we stay balanced in our fight against injustice. If we push too far, we will fall into a gender pay gap in favor of women, and I don’t want that I want fair only.

This might sound harsh, but, when we fight this we can’t tip the pay gap in our favor; If we did that we would not be any better than the men who set up the scales in their favor. I am not saying let's get it close to equal and quit, but I am saying let’s not go too far. What I want is equality for both genders; for example, if John is making 25$ an hour running a factory, then Sally, should not make 25$ flipping hamburgers. I want to keep everything fair, and balanced. Now our first question: What is the history of
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I want to make sure that this cause does not fade away; do not settle for less than 100 % equal pay. This is a call to arms to women all over the world; get up, go, don’t stop until we achieve everything we set out to achieve. If there is one thing I want to leave you with, it is this; nothing is impossible if you give it your all, and gender pay equality is no exception. Thank you.

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