Why Is It Wrong To Judge Corduroy

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Everyone wishes they could be perfect, but sometimes this is not the case. You learn as you get older that everyone has flaws. People have all different tastes, opinions, likes, and dislikes. No matter how people may look, the readers learn in Corduroy that it's wrong to judge people based on their appearance. According to Allure, "A national survey taken of 2,500 people, found that 64 percent of people said that the first thing they notice about a person is how attractive he or she is" (Conde Nast, 2016). People are judged wrongly on a daily basis, especially in a high school setting. When you judge someone based off of their appearance, or even how they act, you never know what you could be missing out on. The person that you decided …show more content…

Sometimes people do not even know they are judging them. It starts when you ask one of your friends about a teacher they have had before because you are about to take that individual class. When your friend tells you how they liked the class, how they liked the teacher, and how they liked the work, you automatically have a standard set for that class. Your friend could also tell you that the teacher in the class has been the worst teacher ever. You need to make your own judgment, not go off of what your friends tell you. Your friends could hate the class and the teacher more than anything, and you could end up loving the class and the teacher. Rumors are also another way how students judge the teachers. You go your whole high school career hearing about how bad a particular class or an individual teacher is. You hear about how hard the class is to pass, and you automatically dread having to take that class, but still have two years to go until you take the class. Sometimes the nicest teacher in the world could have a bad day and a student from that class tell everyone how mean she is. Just like with other students, do not judge them until you have been a part of their class and then you can decide if the people were right or wrong about

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