Why Is Muhammad Called The First Pillar Of Islam

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Muhammad was born in Mecca, but tragically he had a very hard childhood. He was orphaned at the age of six and his grandfather and uncle took him in. Muhammad had to work from a very young age, leaving no time for a normal childhood filled with leisure time. He finally had some economic stability when he married a wealthy widow named Theodora, and took advantage of his newfound leisure time to meditate on religion in a cave near Mecca. It was here that the angel Gabriel spoke to him, and he started his journey on being one of the most influential religious leaders in the world. Muhammad had to flee Mecca with his followers to Medina as a result of his teachings, but returned a few short years later to capture the city. He and his followers eventually built up a great empire, spreading their faith throughout the world. Two of the major pillars of their faith, Islam, are Shahadah and Hajj. Shahadah is the first pillar of Islam, and it is the Islamic creed which states that Allah is the one and only god and that Muhammad is the last and greatest of his prophets.…show more content…
Hajj, the fifth and final pillar of Islam, says that every Muslim that is able to - financially and physically - must at least once in their life visit Mecca, the place where Muhammad first started his great
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