Why Is Proper Hand Hygiene Important?

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Infection control may vary with any facility, but many hospitals are changing to multiple disposable items. Using disposable items can help reduce the spread of infections. These items can include disposable trach catheters, syringes, and needles with safety caps. The type of needle with safety caps not only help prevent the spread of disease, but is also a common safety procedure when disposing of the needle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have come up with numerous guidelines for hospitals to use to help prevent patients from contracting infections and diseases from spreading to other patients.
Hand hygiene is the most important factor in infection control. Proper hand hygiene involves using warm water, antibacterial soap, and paper towels. There should be 15 to 20 seconds spent on washing hands. Some people will sing the songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Happy Birthday while washing their hands. Once hands are washed, use a paper towel to dry hands by patting the skin. The skin should not be scrubbed, because it may cause the skin to eventually break down. Once the hands are dry, take a new paper towel and turn off the faucet. “Failure to perform appropriate hand hygiene is considered the leading cause of …show more content…

Limited data are available about how the prevalence of MRSA has changed over the past several years and what MRSA prevention practices have been implemented since the 2006 Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc, MRSA survey” (Jarvis, Jarvis, Chinn, 2012). A survey showed that MRSA prevalence was higher in the 2010 study than it was in the 2006 study. Comparing the two studies, the MRSA health care-associated strains that were relevant in 2006, were deceased during the 2010 survey and community-associated strains have

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