The Increasing Incidences Of Mrsa

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The increasing incidences of MRSA in the hospitalized patients are becoming an alarming problem due to the poor surveillance screening for risk of infection. The literature and synthesis of the evidence largely recommends that the use of universal MRSA surveillance can increase the identification of MRSA infection or carriage. Likewise, evidence suggest that the use of universal surveillance combined with the implementation of isolation precautions and other infection control measures will result to improved patient outcome (Guleri et al., 2011). My organization is currently using targeted MRSA surveillance of only those patients who meet the predetermined criteria such as screening those patients who are from the nursing home, ICU patients, and patients who have a history of MRSA. The practice of universal MRSA surveillance presents a great opportunity for decreasing the incidence and risk of MRSA transmission and hospital acquired infection. It is a great tool to improve and implement measures designed at providing a higher quality of care and improving patients’ outcome. I believe that these types of evidence should prompt hospitals or healthcare organizations to take the opportunity and take advantage of the data that was gathered to utilize the use of universal MRSA screening. My organization is one of the healthcare systems that are excellent in acknowledging the necessity of acclimating to new guidelines that is needed to promote great medical services. In
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