Why Is Respect A Friend

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Since my childhood, my parents, especially my mom, stressed the importance of having at least one true friend that can always be there for me. The other day - as I pack my bag for school - my mom came in and said, “Jocelyn, as always, remember to be nice and friendly to your friends”. Back then, I fluffed her off with a simple nod. I did not understand what it meant for me to be nice and friendly to “friends”.
As a 1st grader, I came up with my own personal definition I often could refer to. And it was not difficult for me to accumulate a definition of the terms “nice” and “friendly”. Speaking about, I thought to myself that I was nice and friendly if I: don’t reject my friend’s requests, share my goods with friends, and compliment my friends. …show more content…

Since time immemorial, the notion of forming a tight relationship, or becoming friends, only occurred when they clearly expressed their feelings and emotions. People shared personal stories to gain sympathy and to compose further links within each other. Also, the concept of sharing personal feelings was so strong that people sometimes called friends as lovers: a kind of an admirer. This belief was more apparent back in my grandparents’ generation - when a number of wars took place in South …show more content…

That was what happened to me throughout most of my middle school years. Friends and I were losing trust and were eventually treating each other as if we met a stranger.
In contrast, as I came up to high school, I realized how fighting because of trifling issues is unworthy of time. With regards to my personal thought, a thought popped up in my head of how if I believe that a friend of mine is not a true friend, or a supporter, it could be because I have not been a true friend and a supporter to my friend. That was when I was really able to reflect upon myself and think for myself and other

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