Why Is The Black Cat Symbolism

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There are people who look at black cats as symbols of bad luck and are especially afraid of them at Halloween. However the black cat has come to be associated with Halloween and witches and everything that goes along with it. Pictures of them are used as decorations. The unfortunate black cat’s bad reputation follows it all the way from the Dark Ages which was a time of witch hunts. At this time any elderly woman who lived along could be accused of witchcraft and her pet cat was said to be a “familiar” and looked upon as being a demonic animal which was given to the said witch by the very devil himself. There is a medieval myth which says that Satan would turn himself into a cat whenever he socialized with witches. However nowadays there are places where the black cat is not associated with bad luck. The black cat is considered to be a sign of good luck when it crosses your path in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Everyone has great fun with pumpkins when Halloween comes and the carved pumpkins are known as jack-o-lanterns. However the carving of the pumpkins actually…show more content…
Superstition had it that visiting ghosts had the possibility to disguise themselves in human form such as beggars and then they would knock upon your door at Samhain and ask for food or money. If you were kind enough to help them everything was fine but if you turned them away empty-handed you asked for the anger of the spirit and could be cursed or haunted. Another Celtic myth says that if you dressed up as a ghoul you could fool evil spirits into thinking that you were one of them and in this way they wouldn’t try to take your soul. Around the late 50s trick-or-treating became a Halloween tradition in the U.S. and was brought over from Europe by Irish immigrants in the early
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