Why Is The Civil War Important In American History

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The American Revolution and the United States civil war were both defining moments within this nation. With the former setting the basis for this country, while the other would define our society do generations. The British navy was the most feared power on the planet in the 18th century and to go against it America would have to develop the cunning and fierce resolve it’s known for today. Advancement of technology may heighten the damage an army can inflict but the key to any victory is tactics and maneuvering, where technology is the tool for tactical means. The battle of Yorktown was a significant battle in American history as it was the culminated effort which resulted in the removal of the British form American soil. Made…show more content…
Likewise by cutting off the American west by dividing the South in half Grant succeeded in completing the anaconda plan. All the North had to do now was wait as the battle of Gettysburg massively destroyed the South’s military power, showing how far the north was willing to go. With the loss at Vicksburg and the Pyrrhic victory at Gettysburg the South could not expect any foreign aid and would soon succumb to starvation as the hands of the federals tightened their grasp. In conclusion though Battles played an important part in American history they did so for very different reasons. During the revolutionary war America was fighting to become a country, in the civil war it was fighting to stay one. Technology during both battles played a limited factor as the tools used by both sides were the same. Towards the end of the war with French assistance America was up to par with Britain while the union simply had gunboats over the confederacy. In contrast tactics played a larger role in determining the victor in these battles. The importance was also not underscored;
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