Why Is There Religious Intolerance In Australia

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Religious intolerance is a dark looming figure in most countries around the world and, perhaps, shockingly in so called developed and religiously and culturally diverse countries such as America and Australia. New Zealand shares a relationship and similar background with its neighbour, Australia. Both are countries with a melting pot of different people from a diverse range of cultural, ethnical, and religious backgrounds. You would think that this means that there would be a high religious tolerance in Australia, a diverse country with mixing and mingling of people from different walks of life. But large scale race/religious conflicts such as the the 2005 Cronulla riots shows us that that’s not the case. On the contrary, New Zealand has exhibited very few religious conflicts, and pretty much nothing to the scale that of in Australia. So why is it that New Zealand , despite sharing similarities with Australia, exhibits little to no religious conflicts? What makes New Zealand so damn ‘special’? …show more content…

We reside in a country geographically and, in some sense, socially isolated from the rest of the world. As I’ve already discussed, we share quite a few similar qualities with our sibling Australia. However, it seems that Australia experiences higher levels of religious intolerance. Let’s take the Cronulla riots of 2005 as an example, the riots occurred in the suburb of Australia’s Cronulla, bubbling up from the tension between Lebanese and white residents of the suburb. Some could argue that this was a race riot, not a religious one, however many rioters mentioned Islam as a reason for the violence. New Zealand has not experienced a conflict like this on such a large scale, does that mean that we are more tolerant of other

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