Why Is Vernacular Architecture

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“Is Vernacular Architecture obsolete?”

Traditional Kampung houses

Vernacular architecture is an architectural style based on local needs, living environment, availability of building materials and local traditions. This style remains significant within the 21st century as many of the architectural concepts care still applicable to modern design techniques. The traditional Kampung houses of the Southeast Asian region is a primary example of this, developing its own distinctive approach to accomodate the tropical environment of which aspects regarding thermal control, construction and community can still be learnt from today.

Kampung villages are found in nations in the humid tropics which are generally characterised as monsoonal and have an average temperature of 27 degrees(c) year round. Because of this, architecture within this region has to be strategically designed to handle such environmental pressures with adequate ventilation, thermal comfort and climate defence capacities.
Kampung houses are built with many windows and doors and very few interior walls to let in natural light and allow for maximum air flow through the building to channel out hot air. The houses sit on raised stilts, this helps capture winds of a higher velocity and in turn provides cross ventilation which is important to passive design. It also allows the structures to avoid potential flooding during the wet season and provides residents an aspect of defence from dangerous wildlife.
Roofs of

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