Why It Is Important To Be A Hard Worker

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To be a hard worker, this requires zero laziness, no complaining, and no excuses. If I allow the negative influence affect my work, I will lose my money,my reputation, or a very stable business. To be a hard worker, strength and endurance is a trait that is instilled in every hard worker. Whether the worker works at an office job or outside cutting grass, strength and endurance always prevails. Most everyday after school, I get into my truck and get ready to start a long, hard, hot, and sometimes dreadful day. As I head to the yard I am about to cut, I mentally prepare myself for the task that is before me. I say a quick prayer that God will give me strength and endurance to get through the long day. The yard I will soon cut, is one of the most beautiful yards I…show more content…
At this point, I am already sweating from the intense heat of the sun. I unload the mower and begin cutting the pretty zoysia yard. While I am cutting, the cool breeze from the wind blows in my face cooling me off from the intense heat. This yard, in general, is one of the longest yards to cut with a smaller mower. This mower has a grass catching system that needs to be emptied every time it gets full. Unloading the grass into trash bags is a task that gets pretty old after doing it for so long. Once the yard is completed, I go back to my truck and sit in the cold air conditioning. The air conditioning is quite a stress reliever after working for so long in the sun. To see if I had worked hard today, I look at how sweaty my shirt got. I look at my skin and see how dirty it is. I look to my hands and see if my callouses are very rigid. I look to my wallet and see if there is any money inside. These traits tell me that I have worked hard and have earned my pay for the two weeks. I am confident that if I work hard everyday, God will bless me and He will provide for me not only on earth but also in
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