Why Mathematics Is Important For Mathematics Essay

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Mathematics is perhaps the one subject that students are really happy to be doing, or dreading having to do it. Mathematics is different from lots of other subjects because it involves a student not only having to think about the information that is presented to them, but what information is important to completing a task, and how they will use the important information to find an answer. A student may understand how to solve a task after looking and thinking about the information given, but may not understand why certain steps are taken to getting the answer they eventually come up with. This is a crucial component in mathematics that as a future teacher I need to understand my students’ thought processes and understandings of mathematical tasks or problems. My problem solving interview began with selecting a student to interview. I wanted to do it at random, but I also know that my class is a low class, and so I selected one of the better students in the class, at least in math. I was aware of this student’s abilities in mathematics, and that they would be open and able to explaining their thoughts, and the processes they would take to make their best effort at completing the problems. I created two problems for this student based on what they had been learning in mathematics during the course of the week. The first problem was two students are buying Pokemon cards. Student A bought eight packs of cards with 146 in each pack. Student B bought three backs with

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