Why My Name is Lake: A Narrative Fiction Essay example

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Her name was Lake, not the last name but the first. It didn't stand for anything except for itself. Her mother told her “that's where we found you, by the lake.” But she knew better now. She wasn't found at all. They made her by the lake in the way people did. The way you saw on TV. With soft moans and hard fingers and faces twisting in a pain that was really pleasure.
She was the youngest daughter, with fat cheeks and dark curls. Her oldest sister, Grace, had sleek pale hair parted in the middle. A natural part, she often said, unlike Lake's hair that decided each day which way it would lay. The middle sister was named Danice and she was the one that took Lake aside and explained all the lies Mother told her when she was five. You
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Around and round she flung and whirled. Entangled and knitted by the bobs and jerks of her head, the strings became defined, dimensional, and fell from her hands. Something splattered sparks from the fire when it landed there and hid from sight among the coals. Startled, she stopped and peered into the small flames but seeing nothing unusual, began to dance again. The shadows bounced off each other and joined her, until winded, she threw herself down on the grass and fell asleep.
She found it in the morning while kicking sand over the dead fire. It rolled out, a piece of sky from the ashes. It seemed lost, small but magnified at the same time. Picking it up, Lake blew away the grit. It brightened and took a beam of sunlight and scattered it into four colors, one for each direction. It was a glass door knob, still connected to the short metal rod that used to hold it to a door.
Might have made the fire over the top of it, she thought. It must have a history, broken off from its house and traveled here in someones pocket or maybe as something to amuse a child. She could see it was stained with a blush of violet from siting in the sun so that it wasn't exactly clear anymore. It loved the light as if it was born of it. It grabbed and spangled solar systems onto the sand and dirt, stretching stars of lime green and cobalt into the shadows.
The next day, she realized a quest came with the glass knob. Her overnight
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