Why Natural Selection Is Not Weeded Out Diseases And Potentially Harmful Genes

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Lindsey Harris Introduction: 1. What is the big question the book will attempt to answer? The book will attempt to answer the question of why natural selection has not weeded out diseases and potentially harmful genes. 2. What is the goal of natural selection? The goal of natural selection is to promote healthy genes that enable us to survive. Natural selection weeds out harmful genes that make us weak. Chapter I: Ironing it Out 1. What function does iron serve in our body? Name a molecule that contains iron. Iron is used in metabolical functions, in red-blood cells to carry oxygen, and in enzymes, to speed up reaction rates. One molecule that contains iron is hemoglobin, found in red-blood cells. 2. Describe hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a deadly disease in which the body believes that it never has enough iron. The body, as a result is that iron is not filtered out through the intestines, it is always entering the body. This iron runs out of places to be stored, and is spread throughout the body. These iron stores eventually end up changing the body and causing damage to major organs and joints. Hemochromatosis can lead to cancer, heart failure, and a plethora of other problems. 3. Why is life more abundant in the North Atlantic than in the Pacific? Life is more abundant in the North Atlantic because the North Atlantic is close to the Sahara Desert, which blows iron-rich dust into it. The Pacific Ocean, on the other hand, is not located in the iron-rich-dust 's
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