Why Organisations Need Data

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One reason organisations need data

Organisations need data as a point of reference or to be able to retrieve information whenever it is needed. For example each organisation has to keep accurate records or information of their employees in order to be able to use this information for planning ahead for the business. Also accurate records of employees are kept in order to help the organisation make precise decisions whenever queries arise in relation to each employee on a case by case basis.

Organisations also need data as a legal requirement. For instance in order to be able to make accurate tax returns to the government then the organisation will need to store certain data for each employee. Also for payroll purposes personal …show more content…

The other method of storing data is filing, this is paper based it requires keeping employee data in files in a certain order with employees names or another form of identification like the personnel numbers all should be in a secure place for example in filing cabinet, storage boxes. The purpose of this type of storage in some organisations is to have a back up for the electronic data. This method of storage has to be in a very secure environment cause

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