Store and Retrieve Information, NVQ Level 2

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Unit: Store and Retrieve Information Learning Outcome 1: Understand processes and procedures for storing and retrieving information 1.1 - Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving required information The main purpose of storing information is for easy retrieval in the future when it is required. Storing certain information may be part of company policy. There will be procedures in place in order to make sure files are stored correctly and in line with data protection. Depending on the type of information, information can be stored in either filing cabinets or electronically. Depending on the nature of the business, different types of information will have to be stored, for example a legal practice needs information such as court…show more content…
Legal requirements such as certain laws, e.g. The Data Protection Act, which means that all businesses or companies that deal with personal information have to follow certain rules about keeping the data safe. The purpose of having these laws is so there is a set procedure for all companies to follow making everything fair and easy to understand for everyone in that country. In the instance where there has been a breach of security regarding personal information
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