Why People Learn Other Languages

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It is known that every human, since the moment they born, have a natural tendency to learn a mother language, if there is a continuous interaction in their communicative context. Krashen Theory Along the history, all the learning mechanism have been analyzed and many other theories have appeared to determine the reason why people learn other languages. One of those theories is the theory of The Monitor Model by S. Krashen (1985), which has 5 hypotheses. Acquisition - Learning Hypothesis The first hypothesis and the core of this theory is the acquisition-learning hypothesis. It claims that there are two independent ways to dominate a second language: by acquisition and by learning. The acquisition is an automatic process which is developed in the subconscious level, driven by the need of communication, very similar to the process of assimilation that happens with the acquisition of the first or mother language. Acquisition is basically the result of a natural communication where the learner is focused mainly on the meaning. It is also considered a implicit way of learning or ‘picking up’ language, where the formal teaching does not help, but it is more relevant and crucial in the development of second language execution. On the other side there is the learning process, which according to Krashen (1985) is an conscious process, as a result of learning a language, its grammatical aspects and formal features, therefore ‘knowing about’ the language.Acquisition and learning have

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