Darwin's Controversy

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This tough old man-of-a-town is cradled in a stark and isolated depression between the Argus and Coso mountain ranges in eastern California. On first glance, it seems to be barely breathing. Some say it is just another desert ghost town waiting to happen, but don’t even think about saying that to one of the 40 or so residents.
Darwin, named for prospector E. Darwin French, is a former mining town, 4,750 feet in elevation, sequestered in the high desert between Death Valley National Park and China Lake naval weapons testing center. A 6-mile-long, paved two-lane road with a faded yellow stripe down its center leads to it.
Though it is situated at the end of the road physically, by no means is it a terminal community where people have lost …show more content…

And there are lots of stories here.
It is a haunting and quirky place with deep history that almost no one knows about. Like the residents, if you decide to go to Darwin, you must want to. You just do not happen to drive by it. It is off the radar and has nothing in the way of services or “things to do” that usually lure visitors. No postcards, no T-shirts, no cold beer, no shady picnic spot. Nothing here.
Your first clue to entering an unusual space should be the parody of the well-known image of a fish, especially displayed by Christians on license plates, stickers, labels, etc. However, this fish has legs in deference to Darwin the evolutionist. It is very big and outlined in rock on a knoll on the right and a fun tongue-in-cheek nod to the town’s name.
In case you were wondering, the faded yellow center line on the road into town was evidently a reminder to stay on your side on the well-traveled route frequented by vehicular traffic to/from the Anaconda business.
Beneath the jumble and conglomeration of junk and

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