Why People Should Be Banned

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Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people: ∆ Hacking - ( When using a illegal modification on Minecraft, that will get you banned for 2days until the video was proven bannable or not) ∆ Advertising - (When a player posts any type of IP that does not include OpCraft, and that will get that player a ban until they buy an unban) ∆ Indirect Advertising - ( It is when a player says "come join my server xxxx, They will first get warned by a mod + then could possibly become a permanent mute) ∆ Chat flooding - ( It is when a player posts something in chat mutiple times without giving it time before, the first consequence is a warn, after that would become a temporary mute) ∆ Spamming - ( When posting the same or something close to the same in chat about 3…show more content…
∆ Staff Disrespect - ( It is when someone says harmful or disrespectful words at any staff member and it will give you a warning, second offence gives u a 15 min mute, then it will increase to a other 15 minutes until an hour, and if it happens again will become a 2 week temporary ban) ∆ Purchase Trolling - ( It's when a player purchases someone a rank that's lower then what they already have, and they will check the IP that bought and and ban them from the server store) ∆ Leaking Personal Information - ( It's when you post someone's IP, Irl information including Address, Irl name, phone number, etc and the correct action if they have proof will be a 2 week ban, second offence will be a month ban and 3rd will become a blacklist from the server) ∆ Staff Impersonation - ( It's when a player has a nick of a staff members name or other ways to impersonate as a staff member, first offense is a 15 min mute, second is 30min mute, then 3rd will give you a permanent ban) ∆ Excessive Racism - ( Excessive shaming religion, race, age, etc and the result in 15 min temp mute, and if it keeps happening it will increase 15 mins every time then until 1 hour, after that you will be banned from the
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