Why Saudi Arabia Abqaiq Plants Facilities

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Crude oil must be separate produced water and gas from oil and eventually they will have to separate entrained oil from produced water too and this separation can be accomplished by different means. Saudi Arabia Abqaiq plants facility is the company biggest oil processing and crude stabilization facilities and has the capacity of 7m barrels per day and is the primary oil processing site for Arabia extra and light crude oils and this facilities handle fluid pump for ghawar oil filed. The plant facilities comprises of three primary processing unit which are the oil processing unit, NGL facilities and utilities unit and this oil unit consist of multiple spheroids and 18 stabilizers column, why hydrogen sulphide and light hydrocarbon…show more content…
This field was discovered in 1948 and production commence in 1951 and the filed obtained highest production of 5.7m barrel per day in 1981 and it increase tremendously to 5.7m barrel per day than any other field in the world in 1996 and the known field is 100m in thickness and lying in 21000m beneath the earth surface and about 70billion barrel of oil reserve and 90trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserve was recorded at the beginning of 2013 but as at present he field produces 9.56million barrel a day and 2.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas and this production increases as a result of water injection into the well which serve as secondary recovery in the reservoirs. Free flow of oil and gas in the ghawar field require no mechanical assistance but in recent years, artificial lifting are used in form to recover oil in newly found fields but the production rate in which oil and gas flow to the surface is regulated by high pressure well heads which are the assemble of valves and chokes and the reservoir pressure help with the flow of the gas and oil in the reservoir and lastly water injection program was introduced to increase the sweep efficiency of the reservoir and also to maintain the pressure for free flow of oil and gas. The

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