Why Vaccinate Your Child

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Diseases have been a plaque to the people of the world, physically, mentally, and even socially since the beginning of time. It has played a role in the shaping of how people look, respond, and even grow as an individual and as a unit. Even till this day, people’s lives are still influenced by how diseases affect people locally and nation-wide. Some diseases can be as simple as something as the common cold, or it can be something as advanced as having Ebola. Even though history has shown that diseases have even taken out some of the greats, such as kings and inventors and even legendary story characters, the advancement of technology through time has given people a better hope for tomorrow. Throughout history, technology has taken a very swift…show more content…
In the article “Why Vaccinate”, it lists several reasons why it is more beneficial than detrimental to vaccinate your child. Here are some of the reasons the article listed: “because vaccinating prevents unnecessary illness and suffering for your child, because vaccinating protects loved ones and your community from disease, including the vulnerable members of their community, because experts agree it’s the best thing you can do to keep your child healthy and protected against vaccine-preventable diseases, and because vaccinating extends beyond your community to help eliminate disease worldwide” (para. 2, “Why Vaccinate?”). Most parents’ want what is best for their child and will do anything within their power to make sure he or she has what they may consider the “best” life possible. Although, this may not happen if they are not healthy due to them not receiving the vaccinations they need at a young age. These vaccinations can prevent illnesses and complications that may affect that child in the future, but many parents argue that some studies have been proven that it may not always be in the child’s best interest to get them vaccinated. As a child, I did get my vaccinations and they did not bring any harm to my health when I was an infant. Therefore, I highly recommend vaccinating your child because diseases such as measles, mumps, and the whooping cough are infecting and killing children every year in the United States. (para. 3, Importance of Vaccines) If parents decided to get their child vaccinated, the next question that comes to mind is: What is a good age to get a child vaccinated? “The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting 28 doses of 10 vaccines for kids aged newborn to six.” (para. 1, “Should Any Vaccines Be Required for
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